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From its small and humble beginnning in 1958, the story of Crittall-Hope dates back to 1884 when one Francis Crittall in Braintree, UK manufactured the first Metal Casement Window.

In 1918, he  introduced a range of Metal Windows and Doors. This new range was a huge success both in UK and throughout the world. The range became a standard  for many housing schemes and buildings.

Having successfully exported its products to as many as 20 different countries including Nigeria, Crittall Windows UK decided to set up manufacturing units in some of these countries. One of such countries was Nigeria, in the form of Crittall-Hope Nigeria Ltd.

Crittall-Hope Nigeria Limited is a limited liability company established in 1958 to offer a huge range of steel windows and doors.

Crittall-Hope Nigeria Limited is Nigeria’s foremost manufacturer of Steel products for the building industry, but has since increased its range to include aluminum products.

Crittall-Hope has factories in Lagos and Kaduna.

The company has resources to execute very large and demanding contracts coupled with the ability to meet individual specifications and requirements.

Crittall-Hope Nig. Ltd has technical arrangements with LIDCO (Australia) Architectural Framing Systems and Installux Ltd., Lyon, France
In 2009, the company retained a Balance sheet of N408m with total assets of N263m. The company undertakes an average of 190 projects per year and has about 260 employees.

In 2008, Crittall-Hope Nig. Ltd realigned its strategy in an attempt to regain its place as the leading manufacturer of steel and aluminum doors and other pressed products.

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